Bhangra Paramatta

BollyFit Cardio is a 50 minute moderate to high intensity dance cardio session on peppy & upbeat Bollywood songs. Burn 300-400 Calories with 5k steps in one single session.

We start with a full body warm up and culminate the session with stretching to cool down. We also incorporate some targeted aerobic exercises for different muscle group during the session.

The aim of this class is to get your heart rate pumping. So let loose, sweat it out and just have fun!

Bhangra Special session, which is moderate to high intensity but easy-to-follow dance workout on Punjabi music. Burn 300-400 Calories in one session. Traditional Bhangra dancing style is incorporated for a full body cardio which increases mobility and endurance. Rules are same, let loose and enjoy!

  • These workout classes are for adults and teenagers. Age group 13-60 Years.

  • People of all fitness levels can join.

  • All classes are first-come - first-served, so please book your spot in advance.

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Class Schedule for Term 3, 2019


Saturday | 5-6PM

July 2019 - 27th,

August 2019 - 3rd, 10th, 24th and 31st

September 2019 - 7th




Dance is my expression, of happiness and contentment. Trained in Kathak and various folk dances of North India at a young age, Dance became my passion. It drew me into Aerobics fitness and it felt like home. A certified Zumba Instructor, almost 5 years in business, but Bollywood is my calling.. it lets me emote and express. Combined with aerobics, it makes the best kind of workout.